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A new way to browse interlinked biodiversity data: The Biodiversity Knowledge Hub is now online!
July 2023
One Biodiversity Knowledge Hub to link them all: the BiCIKL project 2nd General Assembly
November 2022
BiCIKL Project wraps up the first year of integrating FAIR data on biodiversity
May 2022
New BiCIKL project to build a freeway between pieces of biodiversity knowledge
September 2021
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Project presentation


Henrik Nilsson project presentation


David Fichtmueller, Berlin Botanic Garden

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-03-Fictmueller.mp4, 121.06 MB

David Fichtmueller, Berlin Botanic Garden


Ana Casino, CETAF Executive Director

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-04-Casino.mp4, 101.06 MB

Sofie Meeus, Plantentuin Meise

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-06-Meeus.mp4, 163.94 MB

Andrea Troncoso, Elixir Europe

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-07-Troncoso.mp4, 75.32 MB

Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez, Zenodo/CERN

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-09-Benito.mp4, 132.24 MB

Lyubomir Penev, Pensoft Publishers, Coordinator of BiCIKL

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-10-Penev.mp4, 108.37 MB

Olaf Banki, Catalogue of Life / Species 2000

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-15-Banki.mp4, 91.47 MB

Visotheary Ung, TDWG

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-12-UNG.mp4, 42.88 MB

Urmas Kõljalg, PultoF, University of Tartu

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-02-Koljalg.mp4, 100.56 MB

Christos Arvanitidis, LifeWatch ERIC

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-13-Arvanitidis.mp4, 70.29 MB

Boris Barov, Pensoft

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-11-Barov.mp4, 92.74 MB

Wouter Addink, Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Attachment: Bicikl-Sub-01-Addink.mp4, 207.76 MB


Visual identity guide

  • Overall structure of the proposal across pillars

  • PERT chart showing the relationship between the work packages

  • A diagram showing the management structure of BiCIKL

  • Conceptual framework for FAIR data acquisition

  • ARPHA Writing Tool

  • Nanopublications

  • OpenBiodiv