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In the latter half of 2022, the BiCIKL project opened a call for biodiversity data-related scientific proposals.

The BiCIKL project establishes a European starting community of key research infrastructures, researchers, citizen scientists and other stakeholders in the biodiversity and life sciences based on open science practices through access to data, tools and services.

In June 2022, BiCIKL invited submissions of Expression of Interest (EoI) to the first BiCIKL Open Call for projects. The purpose of the call was to solicit, select and implement biodiversity data-related scientific projects that will make use of the added value services developed by the Research Infrastructures that are partnering in the BiCIKL project.  

After the Open Call closed in November 2022, the applications were assessed by a set of  external reviewers and an internal review committee.  The outcome of that process was the selection of 8 projects to proceed. 

That call resulted in the selection of 8 projects, detailed below. 



What projects will be selected?

The work we foresee with the selected projects is twofold:

  1. Address specific scientific or technical biodiversity data challenges presented by the applicants
  2. Understand how the BiCIKL Community can better support the scientific questions that arise from across the biodiversity world in the future

We need and want to assess real-world problems and make the best possible use of our data and technical capabilities. This will greatly assist in defining the long term development goals of the participating Research Infrastructures and improve the way they can technically and operationally work together to deliver greater scientific value.


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